Photo Album Design and Creation


Photo Album Design and Creation


Please read the following:

Client Agreement

All client information, both business and personal, will be treated as confidential unless specific permissions are granted. 

Scope of Work
I will work diligently and efficiently on the agreed upon photo organizing projects. As the scope of projects vary, and every situation is unique, the client acknowledges that not all projects may be completed within the number of hours proposed or allocated. 

I will make every reasonable and careful effort to safeguard your personal materials during the organizing process/production of photo projects, but will not be responsible for items damaged or held liable for any other results of work done during or after organizing sessions or projects. I assume no liability due to the quality of items or services purchased on behalf of the Client.

Copyright Permission

You acknowledge permission has been obtained from the photographer to use any of the copyrighted photography being supplied by you. These photographs will be used for album design and production in addition to other products, including marketing materials.

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