As an expert travel advisor, you strive to offer your clients an exclusive, personalized service and have many resources to make their travel experiences unique. Would you consider offering a unique Done-for-You service to make their lives easier too?

Offering a solution for the hundreds of photos they take on their travels could be a welcome recommendation. When they return home, it’s possible to commission an album, created from their personal photos to showcase the travel you’ve arranged.

You’d be offering the luxury of convenience and exclusive access to an album that is only available to members of the photography industry. This caliber of album and service is favored by travelers who appreciate excellent quality and exceptional service.

Your clients will turn the pages of their beautiful albums and share their adventures with others. Offering an easy solution to re-visit their travel experiences provides a “wow” for your clients, in addition to making their travel experience even more memorable.

How we might work together

Potential Client Referrals

These very personal albums encourage travelers to share their experiences, destinations and travel advisors with friends and family. Would your travelers enjoy showcasing their trips and adventures with others?

Additional Options

Albums and/or slideshows as optional add-ons to your current offerings could result in more satisfied clients. You could pass on my discount to your client, decide on an additional markup of the album, or direct interested travelers to me, and receive a referral fee when their payment is received.

Thank You Gifts for Client Retention

Albums make stunning gifts for elite, very special clients, to celebrate the travel you’ve already arranged, and provides a perfect way to pass on your name when they share their album with friends.

About the Albums

These albums are beautiful coffee table quality books printed by premium photo labs. The design of the albums reflects the essence of their unforgettable experiences, allowing them to be enjoyed again and again.

Here is a sample of a Luxury Travel Album and companion video slideshow of a couple’s travels to England, Italy and Ireland. These kinds of albums and slideshows are usually favored by travelers who appreciate personalized, exclusive service and excellent quality.

Companion Slideshows

A slideshow to accompany the album gives the client a dynamic way to re-live and enjoy their memories. Not only is it sharable on social media, but a video slideshow can be saved to the client’s phone or other device for on-the-go viewing.


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