Thank you for taking the time to view my products. 

I’d like to find out if we could work together and hope this might be an opportunity to make your client’s travel experience even more memorable while at the same time increasing your profit or providing an unforgettable thank you gift for your high-end clients.

How we might work together

Added Value

Adding an album to a package you already sell could allow you to increase your profit and offer something tangible for your clients to remember their travel experience. You would determine the markup, charge the client for the whole package, then pay my cost.


In a commission-based partnership, you could send interested travelers to me for an album, then receive your commission when their payment is received.

Client Retention

Albums make great gifts for you to give your favorite clients to celebrate the travel you’ve already arranged and wow them with a perfect way to keep your business in their minds. And your name will come up when they share the album with their friends!

Do you have another idea?

I’m open to discussing any additional ideas you may have to work together or refine the ideas I’ve put forth. I want to form the best partnership possible and find the option that suits both of us!

About the Albums

These albums are beautiful coffee table quality books printed by premium vendors used by professional photographers. I have chosen the vendors I work with because of the high quality materials they use in the finished albums. The design of the albums reflects the essence of their unforgettable experiences, allowing them to be enjoyed again and again.

Here is a sample of a Luxury Travel Album and companion video slideshow of a couple’s travels to England, Italy and Ireland. These kinds of albums and slideshows are usually favored by travelers who appreciate personalized, exclusive service and excellent quality.

Companion Slideshows

A slideshow to accompany the album gives the client a dynamic way to re-live and enjoy their memories. Not only is it sharable on social media, but a video slideshow can be saved to the client’s phone or other device for on-the-go viewing.


Would you like to explore this further?

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