Getting Started

Complimentary Phone Consultation

Your photo collection is unique and special. It takes a customized solution to achieve the results you are looking for. In the Complimentary Phone Consultation, we'll discuss your goals and priorities and what steps we can take to help you reach them. I'll do my best to answer any questions you have and we'll make sure we are a good fit to work together. That way I can determine how best to help you succeed in your goals.

If you want to easily access and enjoy your photos again, let's talk!

Discovery Session

This half-day session begins with an assessment of what photos and media you have, what your goals are, and what we need to do to help you achieve those goals. Working together, we can ensure we have the whole picture to see if your goals and the scope of the project are aligned.

You might have short term and long term goals. You may have several ideas for projects. You can share with me what you're most concerned or worried about. And there is no judgment! Almost all of us have more photos than we can handle. 

In the beginning phase of this session, we will hunt and gather all your photo media which might include digital photos on multiple devices (including old phones), prints, VHS tapes, camera cards, etc. As we survey your photo collection, in whatever forms it exists, we'll see which pieces might be involved in your project(s). If you need to collect photos from others to complete your project(s), we'll determine that too. We'll also make sure that your photos are safe and have backups in place.

Once we've determined a path to move your project(s) forward, we'll evaluate the final phase of our Discovery Session. You'll have a choice; either to move forward with my help to create and implement a strategy for your project(s) or I can return to my studio to write up a plan for you to move forward on your own.

It is highly recommended you take advantage of the Complimentary Phone Consultation prior to booking a Discovery Session. I want you to receive the most value possible from our time together and a preliminary conversation is the best way to accomplish that.