Bring your special memories back into your life.


Your memories are precious, and you'd like to be able to access and enjoy them, but are they hidden in boxes in your closet or lost among your thousands of digital photos?

Imagine having all your photos in one location. You can now have special projects created because your photos are easy to find.

If you are looking for a solution to keep your photo collection safe, in a personalized, accessible system and want someone to work with you or take care of it for you, I’d be happy to tell you more.

Everyone’s photo organizing journey is unique and for many, time constraints are the biggest obstacle. Getting the project started and staying on track can also be overwhelming. I can help.


Advantages of an organized photo collection

  • Easily find the photos you want so you can enjoy and share your precious memories

  • Have peace of mind knowing your photos are safe and will live on for future generations

  • Enjoy your photos, without feeling like it's one more thing to manage

  • Create special projects because it’s much easier to locate the photos you want to use

Your memories are priceless. Let's save them together.


Glenda Evans’ Organized Photos Live On is a Premium Photo Management Service for Print and Digital Photo Collections.