Are You in Transition?

Transitions are unique turning points in your life – and they’re a perfect opportunity to gather, organize, and reflect on your photos.

For example, are you:

Downsizing? You can collect photos of things that happened in your home (like birthday parties, holiday dinners, and relaxing in the backyard) and create an album that includes all those special memories.

Moving? That’s a great opportunity to digitize your photos and memorabilia to make sure everything gets transported safely.

Retiring? Consider putting photos of all your work-related accomplishments into an album or slideshow, to celebrate your achievements.

Honoring a loved one you’ve recently lost? You can create a beautiful commemorative album or slideshow to honor the life of that person.

How I Can Help During Times of Transition

If you’d like to organize your photo collection or create a special project during a turning point in your life, I can make the process easier.

Here are some ways I can help you, as a professional photo organizer:

Scanning Services

Many of my clients who are moving or downsizing want to save space by digitizing all their photos. I can scan your prints and slides on my own high-quality equipment, so your photos will be preserved with the best possible image quality.


Photo Organizing

Before you can start a special transition-related project, you’ll need to be able to find the photos you want to use. I’ll help you organize, curate, and protect your photo collection, so you can always find the perfect photos in just a few clicks.



If the idea of putting together an album to commemorate your turning point seems overwhelming, I can create a memorable, luxury photo album for you. You’ll be able to share your album with others quickly and easily, and you’ll be proud to pass it down to future generations.



Would you rather see (or share) your transition-related memories in a slideshow? A slideshow is a refreshing, entertaining way to view photos and share experiences. Your personalized slideshow will feature your own photos and be set to appropriate music.


Your Next Step

I’d love to speak with you about this turning point in your life, and share how I can help you organize or reflect on your photos during your transition.

You can schedule a complimentary phone consultation with to discuss your ideas and brainstorm the possibilities.