Print and Digital Photo Organizing Services

Customized solutions for each unique photo collection: You choose the investment, degree of detail, and pace of project completion.


Why organize your photos?

  • It’s easier to find the photos you want so you can enjoy and share your precious memories
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing your photos are safe and will live on for future generations
  • You can enjoy your photos, without it feeling like it’s one more thing to manage
  • When your photos are organized so it’s much easier to create special projects
  • Avoid the overwhelm of organizing all your photos by having an expert handle it all for you

Photo Organizing Packages

Multiple Photo Organizing Packages may be necessary to bring an entire photo collection to completion. The length of the project is largely dependent on the number of photos in the collection, the degree of detail and your level of input. 

Classic Photo Solutions Package

  • Relaxed pace of photo project completion
  • Limited access to my availability

3 half-day sessions*

1 per month
on or off site

(up to 3 months)

*half-day session:
up to 4 hours


  • Digital photos backed up and saved 3 separate locations
  • Core File Structure (CFS) set up (like a digital file cabinet for your photos)
  • Print photos sorted to determine candidates to be scanned
  • Photos renamed YYYY-MM-DD (Basic Level)

Premium Photo Solutions Package

  • Moderate pace of photo project completion
  • Mid-range access to my availability

6 half-day sessions*

2 per month
on or off site

(up to 3 months)

In addition to Classic features listed above

  • Additional detailed organizing is available: 
    • Photos renamed YYYY-MM-DD-WHO-WHAT-WHERE (Advanced Level)
    • Photos rated ABC S – both print and digital
      • Album worthy, Box (keep but not Album worthy), Can (trash), Stories about the photo(s)

VIP Platinum Photo Solutions Package

  • Accelerated pace of photo project completion
  • Priority access to my services and availability
  • Preferential blocks of time in my queue

12 half-day sessions*

4 per month (once a week)
on or off site

(up to 3 months)

In addition to Classic and Premium features listed above

  • Priority booking for your sessions
  • Metadata added to chosen photos
  • Exclusive maintenance package available, upon completion of project
  • Celebration gift: 1 Photobook/Album created for you when your entire project is complete
    • (10x10", 20 pages, approximately $1200 value)