All your very best printed photo memories can be scanned and saved for you to preserve. You can also decide to have additional projects created using those photos and albums.

My studio in Willow Glen is equipped to handle all of your print photo and album scanning needs locally. You don't have to worry about sending your photos and albums away to be scanned.

With my white glove service, your memories will be handled with the care and attention I give my own memories.

Scrapbook Album Scanning

Did you create beautiful scrapbook albums as a labor of love for your family? Would you like to ensure they are preserved and safe as well? If they were digitized, you'd not only have more than one copy, you could create a less bulky version as a digital photo book to share with your family members.

Scrapbook album pages (up to 12" x 18") are scanned in my studio using specialized flatbed scanning equipment. You can choose to have the album pages scanned or you can request the additional service of scanning each individual photo on each page. Sometimes original photos were used in albums and they are the only copies. By scanning individual photos, you'll have the ability to share those photos with others, have duplicate photos printed, or create new albums using those favorite photos. 

Heritage albums are handled with extreme care and attention.

Full Page Scanning

Full Page Scanning + Individual Photo Selection

Photo Pocket Album Scanning

Each photo is removed from its individual pocket, scanned, then returned to the album. Alternatively, photos can be transferred to an archival Legacy Box, allowing you to reduce the bulk of photo storage that multiple photo albums require. Once the photos have been digitized, it is often more convenient to view them on a computer or other device than to go through pocket photo albums, which can be heavy and bulky.

Dust removal and photo enhancement is included when necessary.

Loose Photo Scanning

If you have photos in shoeboxes, envelopes and other boxes and bins, they can be scanned and stored all in one place. You'll know your photos are preserved and you'll be able to easily find them and share them.

Photo Scanning (up to 8x10)

Oversize Photo Scanning