Advantages of an organized photo collection

  • Easily find the photos you want so you can enjoy and share your precious memories

  • Have peace of mind knowing your photos are safe and will live on for future generations

  • Enjoy your photos, without feeling like it's one more thing to manage

  • When your photos are organized it's so much easier to create special projects

Why hire a photo organizer?

There are not enough hours in a day to accomplish all the important projects we care about. Imagine avoiding the overwhelm of organizing all your photos by having an expert do it for you. Choosing assistance can be a wise investment!

I know how special your photos, videos, and stories are to you and your family. We'll work together to make sure your photos are not only backed up and safe, but also easy to find and share for years to come. Then you won't have to worry, you can spend your time enjoying your memories and making new ones!

Every photo project is unique and I'm here to help you get it done. You'll be able to choose the investment and degree of detail for your customized photo organizing project. 



Print Photo Organizing

Relive your favorite memories

We will work together to organize your photos so that they are neatly categorized, safe, and accessible. From a backlog of current prints, to a collection of heritage photographs, I'll guide you through the process of identifying what to keep and what to let go of.

Digital Photo Organizing

Find your photos without scrolling

If you feel like your digital photos are a mess, let's create order from the chaos of your digital photo collection! You need a system that is unique to you and easy to follow, no matter what devices you and your family use. I'll help you set up a plan to easily manage your photos so you can spend less time scrolling and more time sharing.


Photo Albums

Photos live on in signature albums

We take pictures to preserve our memories but then let them lay in boxes or envelopes, never enjoying or sharing them. Wouldn't you love to have a custom photo book of your favorite vacation memories? 



Transform your memories

A slideshow gives you a dynamic way to re-live and enjoy your memories. Not only is it sharable on social media, but a video slideshow can be saved to your phone or other device for on-the-go viewing.



Premium photo and album scanning

You don't have to ship your photos away to be scanned! My high-speed scanner will quickly take care of your many sized photos and the flatbed A3 and legal size scanners will scan all sizes of scrapbook albums making it easy for you to share those beautiful moments and memories.


Scrapbook Album Conversions

Protect your scrapbooks for future generations

Digitizing and printing your treasured scrapbook as a photo album allows you to share it and continue to enjoy the memories it holds.