There are stories behind your photos. I can make it easier to share and enjoy those stories.

A professional organizer can help you organize and protect your images, so you can not only enjoy those stories today, but feel safer knowing they’ll be around for generations to come.

You Want to Hear the Stories of Family Members and Friends...

Many of my clients tell me they’d like to find out more about the lives of their parents, grandparents, and older friends and relatives. They want to understand their loved ones better, and get a glimpse into moments in time they’ve never seen or experienced.

Viewing photos together and listening to someone’s stories is one of the very best ways to learn more about the person you love.

The faces of your friends and relatives will light up as they share their life stories with you – and going through photos is a great way to get those conversations going.

You get the chance to take a peek behind the curtain of that person’s life – and they get to share their joys, struggles, funny moments, and advice with you.

...and You Also Want Ways to Tell Your Own Story.

Telling your own story is important to you, too.

You want your kids (or the next generation) to know a little bit about you, so they understand who they are and where they came from.

Either way, you need to take steps to protect your images.

If there’s a fire, and you lose all your print photos, there’s no way to recover them.

If you’ve only stored your digital photos on a single hard drive, and that drive gets destroyed or corrupted, you’re not going to get those photos back.

Once you’ve lost those images, the stories within those photos will be lost, too.

All the people, places, things, events, celebrations, and special moments in the images – gone forever.

But if all your photos are all digitized, organized, and backed up, you’ll never have to worry about that again. Your stories (and the stories of your loved ones) will not only be easily accessible, they’ll also be protected for future generations.

Share Your Story (and Explore the Stories of Others) in a Way That Works

Print Photo Organizing

Overwhelmed by the idea of dealing with all your print photos, so you can easily share your story? I can help you sort, curate, and organize your print photo collection, so you’ll be able to find the meaningful photos and tell the stories behind the photos. All your images will be digitized and protected.



Once we have identified the photos that mean the most to you – especially the ones with the stories – the next step in preserving those memories is scanning those images.

Unfortunately, scanning photos and slides is time-consuming and annoying. I can take all that work off your hands, and scan your prints and slides on my own high-quality equipment, so you get the best possible image resolution.



Creating a “Lifetime of Special Memories” album is a memorable way to share your own story, or peek into the life of loved one. I can use your photos to create a luxury, professional photo album you’ll be proud to show to friends or family members. These albums also make memorable, thoughtful gifts.


Take the Next Step in Sharing Your Story

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