It is 7 AM and here I sit in tears over the wonderful albums you did. My husband and I just poured over each one, and they could NOT be more beautiful, darling, touching and moving to us. Photos are so important to all of us, and Glenda, you are so wonderful to exactly capture so beautifully the look, the feeling, and the joy that shows our grandson growing up. It is so much more than I had hoped. I am just overwhelmed and weeping as I type. Thank you, thank you.
— Susan L., San Francisco, CA

I don’t know how to thank you enough for such a heartfelt and beautiful memory book. My parents and I were looking at it again last night, simply mesmerized by the memories it brought back. Thank you. This is something I will show my children and will cherish forever. This means the world to me!
— S. Claytor, Danville, CA

I have family pictures ranging from my great grandparents through my now grown sons. My Mother left them all for me in a box and I knew I didn’t want to do that to my boys. I have been thinking of doing SOMETHING to organize all my pictures for over 30 years!!! Finally, I found Glenda as a photo organizing specialist. She starts from scratch with what you have and what you want to accomplish. In our first session, with her guidance, I was able to sort through ALL my pictures and put them into categories!!! My dining table is filled with this project but I was so happy to get as far as I did. I will sort through the categories, eliminating duplicates and the not so good pictures and then will call Glenda back again for more help. I love her ideas and she is so fun to work with. We laughed a lot and that is always important to me!!! There is no better feeling than starting a project you have been putting off for 30 years!!! I think it will take me a couple of months to complete the books I want to create but I will give an update at that time.
— Karla E., Saratoga, CA
Years ago, I created numerous 12 x 12, elaborate, time-consuming scrapbooks... Now, they reside on a shelf, hidden away. All that time, effort, and expense - For what? THEN - In comes Glenda with her magic. Not only did she scan my precious pages onto a thumb drive, she scanned each individual picture! I am able to share, edit, and easily view my creations. Rather than having big, heavy, clumsy books, I can easily create photo books, print individual pictures, or share images with those I love. I am thrilled with her work and with the options, it has created for me.

Thank you, Glenda!
— Lori B., Pleasanton